Empire Today Videos

Empire Today – Window Treatments, Carpet and Flooring

After asking viewers whether they’re overwhelmed by the prospect of flooring, the soothing voice of the Empire Flooring Man reveals that their concerns aren’t really worth worrying about. The 2003 commercial goes on to depict some of the great hardwood, … Continue reading

Empire Today – Window Treatments And Carpet Next Day 2004

In this classic commercial from 2004, the Empire Today Man checks in to let people know that they can do way more than simply save big on their favorite carpet brands. In addition, Empire was offering half-price deals on window … Continue reading

Empire Today – 2006 Aluminum Siding Commercial

Back in the day when Empire Today also provided homeowners with aluminum siding, they aired this ad to let everyone know about the great deals they could take advantage of. In addition to aluminum siding, the company also sold vinyl … Continue reading

Empire Today – Custom Window Treatments

In this great ad from 2004, we’re treated to an up-close-and-personal chat with the Empire Today Man as he describes how getting your custom windows from Empire is a good idea. In addition to saving with Empire’s great prices, those … Continue reading

Empire Today – 2004 New Gutters Commercial

In this 2004 ad, the Empire Today man describes how much of a hassle clogged gutters can truly be. As the commercial opens, we’re treated to scenes of the leaf-filled autumn havoc that occurs when gutters get clogged and it … Continue reading

Empire Today & Six Flags

As the Empire Man describes in this now-vintage commercial that originally aired in 2004, Empire Flooring often offers way more than their standard 50 percent savings on carpet, flooring, windows and siding. In the early 2000s, they also provided customers … Continue reading

Empire Today – 10 Second Commercial Short 2003

In this great short add from 2003, the Empire Man drops a few hints for would-be home improvement enthusiasts by letting them know that they don’t have to shell out tons of money for new carpeting and window treatments. At … Continue reading

Empire Today – Custom Windows In One Week!

In the early 2000s, the original Empire Carpet Man, also known as Lynn Hauldren, stops by to let us know that we can save quite a bit by shopping at Empire. In addition to special seasonal and temporary promotion deals, … Continue reading

Empire Today – 2003 Save On Window Treatments Commercial

In 2003, Empire Today broke new ground with this short spot that let people know they were probably paying too much for carpet. In addition to breaking the good news that customers could easily reduce the cost of carpeting by … Continue reading

Empire Today – You Just Need One Tool

Although home renovation usually takes a lot of work and equipment, Empire Today’s Lynn Hauldren let TV viewers in on a little secret in this smart commercial from back in 2003. He described how they could completely change their drab … Continue reading